Creativity IN HYPERDRIVE: performance branding

In a world where data forms the foundation for the most successful marketing strategies, performance branding is the linchpin that ensures analytics inform everything – down to the very root of a brand.

What happens when you combine the artistry and storytelling capabilities of a creative with the KPI-driven, statistical expertise of a data analyst? You get performance branding…the best of both worlds.


Performance marketing is the love child of brand identity and a closely-monitored KPI strategy. As romantic as that sounds, it’s also very efficient. 

Traditional branding focuses on building aesthetically pleasing creative and emotionally-driven positioning. 

Performance branding evolved with the rise of data-driven marketing, meaning that a company's brand creative and messaging are held to the same analytical standards as a website, advertisement, social platform, etc.


We typically think of creatives and analysts as being at the furthest ends of the spectrum from one another. One is an artist capturing emotion, and the other is a scientist unraveling a universe of statistics. Art is conceptual and freewheeling, while science is factual and constrained.

But – and we’re speaking from experience – when you combine the two, the result is a masterclass in high performance.


As marketing continues to hurtle into the digital landscape, pairing your storytelling and your performance metrics can put your creative assets in hyperdrive. It’s not about changing your story to make a sale and shifting with the sand. Instead, it’s about using hard data to tell your story, effectively reaching and communicating with your audience… and making a measurable impact.


At Studio 34, we applied the principles of performance branding to our own creative overhaul. How? We’ll lay it out for you.

  1. First, we tackled a 360-degree brand overhaul of our creative identity, positioning, vision, values, and tone of voice. As a team, we agreed on the ethos of our brand and evolved our language. Different elements came together to help us evolve: our founding principles, our past performance, our future objectives, and our current culture.
  2. We gathered our performance analytics, drew conclusions, and agreed on goals and KPIs
  3. After laying the foundation, we created our strategy, developed a new creative identity informed by the data, and built out our new website, an updated social media approach, photography and film, branded materials, and copywriting.
  4. Now that all systems are go, we’re consistently monitoring our performance and tracking our KPIs. 

As Studio 34 continues to evolve, we’ll adapt faster and perform better with a brand enhanced by data and grounded in our authentic company story.


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