Performance marketing fuses traditional brand marketing with data backed analytics and strategy, holding brand creative and identity to the same analytical standards such as website, advertisement, and social platforms.

With the rise of data-driven marketing, integrating precise performance metrics with your brand narrative can significantly enhance your creative assets. It’s not about changing your story, it’s about using hard data to tell your story, effectively reaching and communicating with your audience to ensure effective engagement.


At Studio 34, we challenge the traditional separation between creatives and analysts, combining the two, to result is a masterclass in high performance.Our process begins with a brand overhaul, encompassing everything from creative identity to tone of voice. We then take a deep dive into performance analytics to shape our objectives and KPIs, building a strategic foundation for performance branding.Bringing together creatives and analysts, we work to rollout new social media approach, photography and film, and copywriting which are designed with compelling data at its core. Continuing to closely track, monitor and adapt to result in consistently impactful brand presence that not only looks good but gets you noticed.